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Cookson Insulated Service Doors

Temp-Master is the newest addition to the Cookson product line.

Temp-Master features a patent-pending sealing system.

General Information

Temp-Master Insulated Rolling Doors: A System For Maximum Insulation and IECC® 2012 Compliance

The newest addition to the Cookson product line, Temp-Master, takes prevention of energy loss and thermal transference to a new level. As the only rolling door design independently tested to meet 2012 IECC (International Energy Conservation Code) Section C402.4.3 Air Infiltration requirements, Temp-Master features a patent-pending sealing system - thermally broken guide construction and insulated curtains (with foamed in place insulation) - to minimize air infiltration and thermal transference through openings.

With an independently tested value of less than 1.0 CFM/FT2, Temp-Master provides an 85% decrease in air infiltration as compared to standard products. Project specific post-industrial and pre-consumer recycled content values are available for each door, and Temp-Master components are easily recyclable.


  • 2012 IECC compliant
  • 85% decrease in air infiltration as compared to standard products
  • LEED credit data available
  • Low life cycle cost
  • Size flexibility: Built to order
  • Substantiated energy savings

A Proven System

Cookson Standard Insulated Rolling Doors: A Proven System to Reduce Energy Losses

Cookson Standard Insulated Service Doors are intended for use in exterior openings where maintaining environmental separation on each side of the door is necessary and/or desirable. The full perimeter seal of these energy efficient doors also reduces sound transmission compared to non-insulated rolling doors. Hospitals, schools and universities are examples of applications where an insulated door can decrease sound transmission.

Cookson Standard Insulated Service Doors are filled with solid insulation of the highest quality, resulting in a flame spread not greater than 25 and smoke generation less than 50. A flexible, solid foam astragal fits into the guides at the bottom of the door to assure a complete seal across the opening. Seepage of air around the hood is minimized by a waterproof hood baffle that resists tearing and cracking and maintains flexibility in winter. The Cookson insulation system also includes snap-on guide weatherstripping made of heavy duty vinyl extrusions designed to reduce air infiltration and dust at various temperatures.

Along with preventing energy loss, Cookson Standard Insulated Service Doors offer aesthetic appeal with a finished appearance inside and out. Our exclusive interlocking slat design allows for many combinations of gauges. While a 22 gauge exterior slat with a 22 gauge interior slat is standard, 20 gauge and 18 gauge exterior slats are also available. Click to view the Cookson Insulated Service Door data sheet.


  • Heavy duty vinyl extrusions snap into the guides to reduce air and dust infiltration and to weatherstrip the door jambs
  • Air seepage around the hood is minimized by a water resistant hood baffle that maintains flexibility in cold temperatures
  • Exclusive interlocking slats provide energy efficiency and a finished appearance inside and out
  • Solid insulation is inserted between galvanized steel slats to ensure consistent density and complete insulating coverage
  • The bottom of the door is sealed by a flexible, solid foam astragal

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