400 Series

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400 Series Heavy Duty Rolling Steel Service Doors

ASTA Door 400 Series Heavy Duty Rolling Steel Service Door is produced with the highest quality and durability in the industry.

The 400 Series is available in sizes up to 40’ wide or 30’ high (varies by model) consisting of 3” - 24, 22, 20, or 18 gauge slats with a flat or curved slat profile and is the perfect choice for industrial, commercial, or high cycle applications.

The 400 Series is available in the following models:

  • Model 418 - (18 Gauge) Service Door
  • Model 420FIM - (20 Gauge) Impact Rated Service Door
  • Model 420 - (20 Gauge) Service Door
  • Model 422FIM - (22 Gauge) Impact Rated Service Doors
  • Model 422 - (22 Gauge) Service Door
  • Model 424 - (24 Gauge) Service Door
  • Slats: 24, 22, 20, or 18 gauge galvanized steel cold roll formed in continuous lengths. Galvanized according to A.S.T.M. A653-G90 and finished with baked epoxy primer and/or baked polyester topcoat.
  • Endlocks:Each end of alternate slats to be fitted with endlocks to provide a wearing surface in the guides and to maintain slat alignment. Fastened with 1/4” rivets. Windlocks provided on larger sizes.
  • Bottom Bar: Curtain to be reinforced with a bottom bar consisting of two 2” x 1 1/2” x 11 gauge galvanized or 2” x 2” x 1/8” structural steel angles (depending on model and size) with pvc bulb astragal.
  • Hand Chain Locky: Lockable bracket mounted on guide angle or wall suitable for padlocking (padlock by others).
  • Drum Assembly: Barrel to be a steel pipe of diameter and wall thickness to restrict maximum deflection to .03” per foot width. Springs to be oil tempered grease packed helical torsion type designed to cycle 25,000 times with an overload factor of 25%. Springs are to be mounted on a cold rolled steel inner shaft. End bearing to be self-lubricating ball bearings.
  • Bracket Assembly: Bracket plates to be 1/4” minimum thickness steel plate and enclose ends of barrel assembly. Drive end bracket plate to be filled with a self-aligning sealed ball bearing.
  • Operation: Drive to consist of roller chains and sprockets. Hand chain to be galvanized machine link. Pull not to exceed 35 lbs. (156 N).
  • Guide Assembly: Wall angles to be 3/16” minimum thickness structural steel. Guide angles to be 3/16” minimum thickness structural steel with removable headstops. Guide depth to provide slat penetration adequate to satisfy specified windloading.
  • Hoods: WHoods to be 24 gauge galvanized steel with baked epoxy primer and/or baked polyester topcoat and designed to enclose door coil. Reinforcing to be 1/4” thick steel brackets for door over 16’0” wide.
  • Electric Operation: Easy fast motorized operation at a push of a button (motor mounting plates available on request).
  • Slide Bolt Locks: Dual 1/4” steel slide bolt locks attached to bottom suitable for padlocks (padlocks by other) (standard for manual push-up operation).
  • Vision Panels: 5” x 3/4” cut out spaced approximately 3” apart and covered with clear Lexan (Flat Slat Only).
  • Hood Baffle: 8” wide pvc rubber riveted to the inside of the hood.
  • Guide Weatherseal: One piece vinyl weather seal attached to door guide on the non-coil side (brush seal with retainer available upon request).
  • Insulation (Steel Backed): Refer to 600 series.
  • Windload: Available design to +/- 45 PSF for 16’0” wide (test size). Windload varies by model; for windload availablity on larger sizes contact customer service.
  • Powder Coating: Consult rep for available colors..

The 400 Series has three finish options - White Topcoat, Prime Gray, or Galvanized.

Asta Standard Color Chart

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